SmartSearch – 360° information access

The challenges of the modern service world make efficient and cross-departmental access to information indispensable. With SmartSearch, your service staff in the office and in the field have intuitive access to all service-relevant data sources, including the solution. Help your service into the next generation!

Increased competence in service

Service requests can come in very different and complex forms. SmartSearch analyses the problem on the basis of the respective service case. Based on this, an initial search result is provided – drawn from all service-relevant sources such as operating manuals, spare parts catalogues or service reports. By means of semantic search and context-dependent filtering, these initial results can be successively narrowed down until the desired solution is found.

Single Source of Truth

In principle, all service-relevant information can be used as data sources. This can be the tickets stored in Innosoft, assignments or service reports on cases that have already been processed. But external sources can also provide valuable additions. All data is processed with the help of AI-supported, automated procedures and represented in the form of a Digital Twin. This digital representation of your machines and systems, as well as their internal structuring and functionalities, is made directly accessible in Innosoft by SmartSearch. SmartSearch thus functions as a single source of truth and can provide central access to all data relevant to the service.

Optimised solution determination

In addition to the ticket system, SmartSearch is also available in the resource planning and mobile field service solution from Innosoft. This way, your dispatchers can already identify relevant documents during the planning of the assignment and provide them to the technician on his mobile device. This way, an initial solution suggestion is available before the technician arrives, which he can implement directly at the customer’s site. Track the resulting increase in the first-time-fix rate and reduction of the mean-time-to-repair with the help of various statistics in Innosoft. Reduce your service costs and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

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