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Noticeable improvement in service quality

From customer request to technician dispatch to invoicing: In the course of an average service process, countless data are collected and processed. With the help of the information gained from this, you can make the quality of your service measurable, in order to then sustainably increase the service success with the right conclusions and measures. With Innosoft Business Information you can make the progress of your service visible.

Field Service Management Business Information


Use the included evaluations to keep an overview of industry-standard key figures. For example, you can view first-time-fix rates and the mean-time-to-repair formula over time, recognise trends at an early stage and evaluate process optimisations. You can also define your own evaluations based on the extensive data collected in the system to view more specific issues in the right light.


Bars, curves, pies: Choose the right presentation for your data to make the most important statements visible at a glance and to depict complex relationships in a target group-oriented way. Shapes and colours: Using shadows, contrasts, hatching or continuous colour tones, past values can be clearly compared at any time. By storing plan specifications, target/actual comparisons can also be easily displayed.


Make the graphically prepared data available to the users at the respective decisive process steps by seamlessly integrating them into the existing input masks. To ensure seamless reporting outside the system, it is also possible to export all statistics in Excel or PDF format.

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