The Field Service Management
modules at a glance



Work with your colleagues and customers to solve problems faster and more comprehensibly.


Use standardised ticket workflows to ensure maximum transparency and improved prioritisation.


Ensure that problems are resolved according to existing SLAs by setting rules for automated emails and notifications.



Find the right person and the right time for an assignment, taking into account parameters such as qualification, workload and customer preferences.


Check what your colleagues are doing or planning, identify scheduling problems and plan conveniently and easily with the help of the visual planning board and the integrated map.


Reduce your costs by detecting and correcting inefficient routing. Effortlessly find the right person for an emergency by displaying who is near the site.



Provide the technicians with the work plan, the contact person at the customer’s site and the navigation to the site.


Allow your technicians to report their times, expenses and materials used, so that this information is available for later automatic invoicing, cost collection and payroll.


Provide up-to-date customer ticket data, service reports and machine history on your technician’s mobile device.

Mobile Innosoft Field Service Management

Business Information


Measure and evaluate performance against customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and see how your metrics evolve over time.


Take action and derive necessary course corrections from the graphically prepared data and then see how it affects your performance.



Integrate Innosoft into your existing ERP processes using the standardised web service API.


Configure the system to your needs and add your own data fields anywhere in the existing forms. By embedding user-defined views, you display information where your users need it.


Support an almost unlimited number of users around the world using our cloud-based environment or install the system in your existing IT infrastructure.



Provide your service staff in the office and in the field with SmartSearch, a solution for intuitive 360° information access.

Holistic field service software
for your entire team

Information on the modules of Innosoft Field Service Management


Innosoft Dispatch provides you with the complete overview of your service planning by clearly presenting all relevant information. Intuitive input options as well as numerous possibilities for detailed planning and flexible interaction ensure optimal utilisation, end-to-end transparency and maximum efficiency in dispatching.


Via the Innosoft mobile application, your technicians have access to all the information they need to process their assignments anywhere and at any time – even offline.


Innosoft Tickets is a platform with which you can process and document your service cases uniformly and conveniently in a team. This makes every customer transaction transparent at a glance in the ticket: a noticeable improvement in the service process for your customer as well!

Customer Portal

Offer a digital service product that sets you apart from the competition. With the Innosoft Customer Portal, you integrate customers more closely into your workflows, increasing transparency while reducing your own workload.


Companies often already have extensive system environments in which the Innosoft process is to be embedded. Innosoft relies on a standardised interface that makes Innosoft processes controllable in an automated way.

Business Information

Make the quality of your service measurable by means of the information generated in the process, and then use the right conclusions and measures to sustainably increase the success of your service.

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