Resource Planning Classic

Reliable and flexible resource planning

The scheduling system, which was designed more than 20 years ago and has since been continuously expanded with new functionalities, forms the core of the Innosoft service management system. The graphical planning board is a classic of modern resource planning; with just a few buttons and a few simple mouse clicks, you can create and assign assignments almost effortlessly. The range of functions has grown considerably over the years. Thanks to numerous special options, the Windows-based solution meets the highest demands in machine and technician scheduling even as a stand-alone programme. In combination with other SMS modules, especially the Mobile Field Service, via which the technicians in the field are connected to the system, or Innosoft’s Customer Management and Project Management, the resource planning unfolds further strengths.

Einsatzplanung Classic

Extensive technician management

Innosoft Resource Planning is a comprehensive tool for planning and monitoring projects, assignments and resources (i.e. all available employees and work equipment), which provides you with all relevant data in a clear manner. In addition to the address information of resources and customers including contact persons, it offers you numerous options for managing e.g. skills, vaccinations, specialisations, visas, preferred technicians or special features of a machine, which provide scheduling assistance for the worldwide and local deployment of technicians.

In the case of extensive projects, you can store additional project data such as target costs, responsible agents, machines or the type of project. Furthermore, all machines installed at a customer can be managed via the system, so that you can also read information such as machine type, installation and warranty date as well as the order parts list for the machines already delivered from an address.

Operations and capacity at a glance at all times

In the graphical planning board, the appointments are displayed as assignment bars, the colour of which indicates the type of activity. The specific data of the assignments can be called up and edited with one click in the assignment info window. In the resource overview with timeline, you can see at a glance when and where there are still free or already overloaded groups (e.g. locations). In addition, you can also use a bar display for optimal control of capacity utilisation.

Using a variety of filter options, you can narrow down the calculation of the workload to the selected teams or departments. The identifiers of the workload bars can be displayed in colour so that you can see at a glance whether it is a matter of absences such as holidays, illness or further training, project-related assignments or regularly recurring measures such as maintenance. The degree of completion can also be clearly displayed with the help of an additional document entry display.

Variable adjustment options

Depending on the requirements, a very different display may be of interest, which is why Innosoft Scheduling offers a variety of user settings. Those who tend to plan longer projects on extensive equipment prefer the large overview in the weekly or even monthly display, while the daily display, half-day display or 4-hour display makes more sense if you are in charge of more short-term assignments on smaller machines or equipment. Switching the display from resources to machines, addresses or projects can also be done with just one click.

All data relevant to the service are united in one system, and associated branches and field staff can also be connected without any problems. The resource planning interacts seamlessly with other modules, such as Innosoft GeoMap, which can be used, for example, to optimise resource routes according to various criteria or to find nearby technicians using the proximity search.

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