Customer Portal

Increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty

Offer a digital service product that sets you apart from the competition. With the Innosoft Customer Portal, you integrate customers more closely into your workflows, increasing transparency while reducing your own workload.

Field Service Management Customer Portal

Forwarding a fault message is child’s play

Give your customers the possibility to forward requests to your office staff via the Innosoft portal. Whether it’s a fault report, sales enquiry or spare parts order – everything can be mapped via Innosoft’s standardised ticket process, 24 hours a day. Improve your customer service by requesting service-relevant information in a structured way already with the ticket creation: Which component of which system is affected? What exactly is the problem? How strongly does the malfunction affect the production processes (priority)?

Information on demand

When is the next maintenance due? Has a technician already been scheduled? Which spare parts were installed in which system and when? Which solutions can be considered? With the Innosoft portal solution, you give your customers insight into the service events relevant to them. You can also provide documentation, service reports and also UVV or ISO agreements.

Digital Service

Adapt the customer portal exactly to your business requirements and integrate it into your product landscape, for example as part of service level agreements or in the context of order processing. Determine which information your customer has access to and which details should be reserved for internal use. Let him participate in the maintenance of master data, so that your technician knows, for example, in advance of his assignment that a component exchange has taken place on a system (independently by the customer).

Business Information