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Classic Service Management

Digitize your service organization with the help of Innosoft Classic. Innosoft Classic includes products for quotation and order management, ticket processing, disposition of field staff, recording performance data on site and subsequent invoicing. Extensive projects, such as those mapping the process from construction to commissioning in the new machine business, can in addition be coordinated with Innosoft Project Management.

Innosoft Classic Service Management

Interface between Company and Customers

Innosoft Customer Management functions as the link between your company and its customers. Incoming inquiries, malfunctions or orders are received here and processed until completion. The information is forwarded in form of tickets via the network to the relevant departments, such as e.g. Materials Management, Design, Sales and Service. Thus the smart use of the Customer Management can make a complaint the basis for a sales talk or a construction improvement.

Effective scheduling and capacity control

With Innosoft Project Management you can structure complex orders and interconnect the individual processes under consideration of certain dependencies. Resources can be assigned to the individual processes, which is then mapped in the form of assignment bars in the Resource Planning for further processing. An overview of all projects helps in the planning of the employees responsible for the individual assembly sections and thus enables the scheduling of long-term construction sites. The carefully and clearly planned assemblies permit serious target/actual comparisons and thus provide early conclusions in the event of deviations from plan.

Classic Kundenmanagement

Optimum utilization of capacities

Innosoft is a comprehensive workforce management tool for the planning and supervision of projects, assignments and resources. The system provides a clear graphic representation of the scheduling of human resources and machines and allows the tracing of the accumulating costs as well as the automatic generation of assignment documents.

From draft quotation to invoicing

The modules Sales and Invoicing are integral components of the Innosoft Service Management System, which guarantees continuous data transfer from the quotation through order creation to invoicing. Once the offer has been accepted by the customer and converted into an order at the push of a button, the planned services are transferred to the corresponding worklist of the Resource Planning. After the service tasks have been carried out, the Innosoft Invoicing steps into the operational order flow and supports fast and simple invoicing of the services provided and the material consumption.

Classic Vertriebsmanagement
Innosoft Classic_Wartung

Reliable execution of recurring tasks

Innosoft Maintenance Management enables the convenient administration of maintenance contracts with cyclically recurring servicing and inspection tasks. This includes the on-time generation of maintenance assignments with predefined capacities and materials as well as reliable invoicing of contracts, even for complex contract designs.

Direct Line to the back office

Innosoft Mobile serves to provide information for the technicians and the feedback of their performance data. It is available both as a practical solution for smartphones or tablets and for operation on notebooks. The processing of the assignment documents is possible offline for the technician and can be done completely paperless. After his digital signature directly on the device, an e‑mail with the service report can be sent to the customer immediately after the service activities have been completed. The competent and efficient order processing on site leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Classic Mobile

One application many possibilities

Information about the modules of the Innosoft Service Management System

Customer Management

Innosoft Customer Management serves as a link between your company and its customers. Inquiries, orders or fault messages are recorded, processed and assigned to the responsible departments.

Project Mangement

Visualize sub-processes of your projects as Gantt diagrams, define milestones and transfer this information directly into the Innosoft Resource Planning to keep control over progress, capacity utilization and costs at all times.

Resource Planning Classic

The graphical planning board is a classic of modern resource planning. With just a few keys and some simple mouse clicks, you can create and allocate assignments almost playfully.

Sales Management

As an integral part of the Service Management System, the Sales Management supports you even with complex offer structures. Assignments can be planned comfortably on basis of the ordered service items.

Maintenance Management

With Maintenance Management, due servicing tasks are always scheduled in good time. On the basis of defined service levels with spare parts packages, the corresponding operations are automatically entered into the planning board.


At the completion of the operational order flow, the Invoicing module is integrated into the service cycle and enables the quick and easy accounting of services rendered, expenses and material consumption.

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