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Staff scheduling software — more customer satisfaction through optimized service processes

In order for business processes to run smoothly and quickly, an efficient staff scheduling is the key. Innosoft’s software is the ideal solution for clear workforce scheduling, because you always maintain an overview of theplanning and utilization of your resources.

Thanks to the clear digital planning board, you can see all important information at a glance and receive helpful features for planning, such as dynamic checklists for technicians or definable skills and customer preferences. All information is in one place and can be viewed transparently by all employees.

Save time and costs with a software-based scheduling of your resources, increase customer satisfaction thanks to optimized service processes and organize service calls efficiently and perfectly planned.

Dispatch Innosoft Field Service Management

Staff scheduling software your advantages with Innosoft:


effective planning of the office and field service

Deployment Planning

digital planning board for clear operational planning

Mobile App

dynamic reports, all data, offline capable


Live feedback from the field


KPIs and statistics for service optimization


Simple integration into existing system landscape


transparent service processes with customer connection


platform independent thanks to web-based system

Why do you need workforce scheduling software?

Staff scheduling is an important area of workforce management and an instrument for optimally planning and deploying personnel. This involves not only time and cost factors, but also the interaction with other resources such as materials or emergency vehicles. The goal here is to plan employees and resources as effectively as possible. In this way, you save time and costs and ensure optimized service processes and satisfied customers.

Maintaining an overview here and not accumulating paperwork is not easy. So get support with our professional workforce scheduling software — specially developed for the needs of plant and mechanical engineers.

Test software?

Do you want to increase your company’s success thanks to better workforce scheduling? Then rely on the workforce planning software from Innosoft, which is perfectly tailored to your needs. And best of all, you can easily embed the software into your existing system landscape. Interested? Request a demo version!

Digital workforce planning has never been so easy —
discover the possibilities with Innosoft

We know how to increase productivity and efficiency in personnel planning, because we have been working with customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector for more than 25 years and are familiar with problems and optimization potential. With our many years of know-how, we have developed a software solution that supports you effectively and in a user-friendly manner in personnel scheduling and the entire field service management.

With the web-based, cloud-enabled Innosoft system, you manage and process customer orders in the ticket system, plan service assignments of your employees, monitor the entire assignment progress and receive live feedback of your field service employees.


  1. No expensive idle time and overtime thanks to perfect planning
  2. Increased productivity and service quality
  3. Greater employee and customer satisfaction due to transparent processes
  4. Paperless service without paper chaos thanks to digital planning board
  5. Location and time-independent use through web-based system

Keep everything in view with the digital planning board

The heart of our staff planning software is the digital planning board, which displays and manages your service planning clearly and transparently. Plan employee assignments as effectively as possible and use the many features for detailed planning of service assignments. You benefit from an intuitive menu navigation, definable factors such as skills, customer preferences and a clear color design.

More productivity and efficiency thanks to perfect planning:

  • Find the right employee, taking into account skills, workload, and customer preferences.
  • Keep track of all employees and resources thanks to clear menu navigation and visualization.
  • Save costs and increase productivity through efficient workforce planning.
  • Find the optimal route thanks to Google Maps integration.
  • Provide your technicians with all the information they need via Innosoft Mobile.
Field Service Management

Discover the Innosoft modules for intelligent workflows

With Innosoft Tickets you can process and document customer assignments transparently. With the digital machine file, you maintain an overview of all processes at the customer and the service history. In addition, the ticket system allows you to assign responsibilities and escalation processes.

See all staff and resource planning at a glance and use numerous features for detailed planning and more efficient design of service calls. The result: more transparency and maximum productivity for reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Provide field service staff with all the information they need for each service call — from machine information to customizable checklists and service reports. The application is also available offline and offers helpful features such as a time clock or digital signature.

Thanks to collected data, KPIs and statistics become usable so that optimization potential and relevant measures can be derived to sustainably improve your business success and service quality.

Involve your customers more in workflows and enable them to report service requests independently. This saves time for both sides and increases transparency for customers as well as employees.

The Innosoft software can be easily integrated into your existing ERP system and embeds itself seamlessly into your IT landscape. Thanks to the integrated interface, all processes can be controlled automatically.

Mobile Time Recording

For companies, recording working times and documenting services is an important part of work organization. With Innosoft software, working times can be recorded and automatically documented with just a few clicks.

Resource planning

A well-organized and transparent resource planning allows to track all relevant steps of a project in great detail. Innosoft’s tool pursues the major goal of displaying all relevant resources as quickly and accurately as possible in order to complete the job as effectively as possible.

Workforce Management

The main task in workforce management is workforce scheduling based on given requirements, employee skill profiles and required resources. Learn more about our product.