Planning at a glance:
Capacity, status, history

Innosoft Dispatch provides you with the complete picture of your service planning through clear preparation of all relevant information. Intuitive menu navigation as well as numerous options for detailed planning and flexible interaction ensure optimal utilisation, end-to-end transparency and maximum efficiency in dispatching.

Field Service Management Dispatch

Graphic disposition

The diverse display and filter options of the service assignments shown in a Gantt chart help you to maintain an overview even with a large number of resources and assignments to be planned. For example, you can group operations according to resource, location or project and use the infinitely adjustable time period selection to display the exact time period currently being worked on. In addition, let the system make suggestions based on the current workload and technician skills as to which employee is the best candidate for an assignment to be planned in which time period.

Geographical representation

Location data and routes can be displayed geographically by integrating Google Maps TM. With the help of the proximity search, you can quickly and conveniently find available staff in the vicinity of an emergency site or display due maintenance in the vicinity of a current assignment. With an active tracking solution, you can also follow the location of your staff in real time, so that you can always make short-term decisions about planning changes based on the most up-to-date information.

Comprehensive preparation and follow-up

The system displays all the information required for planning and carrying out assignments in a structured manner. With the help of the dynamic checklists, all relevant steps for the preparation and follow-up of each assignment are immediately and quickly visible. In addition to the complete travel planning, including route, hotel and transport booking, this also includes the subsequent post-processing of the data reported back by the technician, such as times, material, cash expenses and technical reports. After the data has been checked and approved, it is transferred to the connected systems.