Smooth transfer thanks to the right networking

Innosoft can be used as a standalone solution for processing customer requests and scheduling technicians. However, companies often already have extensive system environments in which the Innosoft process is to be embedded. Here, Innosoft relies on a standardised interface that makes Innosoft processes controllable in an automated way.

Master data

A system filled with data is the basic prerequisite for the efficient use of software. However, the required data is often already available in structured form. Typically, this is customer information, address data, contact persons as well as machine and plant information.

With Innosoft Integrate, you are able to transfer the required information into the Innosoft system and mirror master data changes in third-party systems into Innosoft within a few minutes, thus making them available for the scheduling process. Even one-off master data imports, e.g. based on Excel files, can be managed without major effort.

Transaction data

Usually, a customer order is marked as relevant for scheduling in an ERP or CRM system via a service item, released and then scheduled in Innosoft in the form of an assignment. Information relevant to the execution of the order (spare parts/service level agreements/…) is also transferred in this process, so that your dispatchers and technicians can complete their tasks efficiently and without having to consult other departments.

After checking and approval by the office staff, performance data recorded by the technician (times, cash expenses, spare parts, etc.) are transferred back to the ERP system in order to carry out invoicing, cost accounting and – via a connected HR system – payroll accounting on the basis of this information.


Innosoft has years of experience in providing customised interfaces. In order to be able to realise an interface implementation that meets the requirements of your service process with manageable effort, a standardised ReST-API is used. This eliminates large parts of the individual programming that would otherwise be necessary.

The measures that are still necessary are implemented directly by us after consultation with you, but can also be carried out by your IT with the help of the comprehensive API documentation. The API logs the communication completely and in a language that is understandable for developers. Due to the plausibilities already checked in the interface, the data integrity for the Innosoft process is guaranteed.