All service cases – all information

Innosoft Tickets is a platform with which you can process and document your service cases uniformly and conveniently in a team. This makes every customer transaction transparent at a glance in the ticket: a noticeable improvement in the service process for your customer as well!

Field Service Management Ticket

Uniformly documented service cases

All available information around a service case is clearly displayed here. Via two comment fields – one of which is for internal use only – you can add to the information at any time, whereby the entries of the respective users are displayed in dialogue mode. In this way, all relevant information is also available in a clear form in subsequent processes, such as the dispatching of a possibly necessary technician deployment.

Active notifications

Let the system alert you to applicable SLA requirements when you take up a service case and define escalation notifications that inform the required participants of the ticket status, for example via email. Never lose track of important tickets, assignments or projects with the help of the “Follow” function. Responses to emails sent by the system can be reassigned, including attachments, and thus made available to users.

Customisable workflow

An essential aspect of processing service cases is the presentation of required information in the right place at the right time. The input masks in Innosoft are therefore highly configurable: Not only can you add as many data fields as you like, but you can also redesign the interface using an easy-to-use editor and extend the Innosoft standard input masks with specific individual fields.