Fast invoicing of the services

To avoid unnecessarily tying up capital, services should be invoiced as soon as possible after they have been carried out. The invoicing module, which is perfectly integrated into the Innosoft system environment, fits seamlessly into the operational workflow and supports the quick and easy invoicing of the service activities performed and the material consumption. The generated accounting documents are then transferred to the financial accounting system via standard interfaces.

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Precise integration into the service cycle

As part of the service management system – or connected to other ERP systems via interfaces – Innosoft Invoice accesses the existing master, order and operation data and allows quick access to project or order-related invoicing. Invoicing can take place either after the order has been placed or after the document has been entered. You can generate the billing document manually or automatically for individual documents; it is also possible to create numerous documents for an order or a collective document for several orders of a customer.

Flexibility in calculation and account assignment

You can have the calculations for invoicing created automatically, but always have the option of manual post-processing. A pseudo-billing is also possible at any time. To differentiate between the various types of costs, the Innosoft Invoice module offers you the option of classifying recorded services according to various criteria – e.g. description of the work carried out, free-of-charge key, assembly period, assembly type or product type. In addition to the possibility of creating detailed invoices, this breakdown also provides an overview of the cost causer and the outstanding items. Statistics of turnover or contribution margins can be generated at the touch of a button.

Customer-specific billing modalities

Due to the possibility of storing various customer-specific agreements in Innosoft Invoice, you can carry out variable customer-dependent calculations there. Since an almost unlimited number of different price lists for spare parts and services can be managed here, the special conditions agreed with the customer can easily be used for billing. You can also define different contribution margins that relate to the accounting month, the project, the employee groups or the order type.

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