Workforce Management


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What are the challenges and goals in workforce management?

The main task in workforce management is the scheduling of staff on the basis of the given requirements, the qualification profiles of the employees and the required resources. Service technicians must be efficiently scheduled to avoid idle time or unnecessary overtime. This way, a service job can run as efficiently as possibleGood planning is the most important prerequisite for this.

With well-planned service assignments, you save time and thus costs. Employees can work more productively, resources are used sensibly and the quality of the service assignment increases.

Important tasks in workforce management:

  • Find available field service staff
  • Select service technicians by skills, geographic location and availability
  • Schedule service calls to minimise idle time or overtime and make the best use of resources
  • Return and report on completed customer calls
  • Use synergies and review collected data for optimisation potential
  • Increase customer satisfaction through high-quality service

The 5 best reasons for workforce management with Innosoft software

  1. Increased productivity and service quality thanks to optimal planning in the digital planning board
  2. greater employee and customer satisfaction thanks to transparent processes
  3. perfectly scheduled service technicians without idle time or overtime
  4. Use regardless of location and time thanks to browser-based system
  5. Easy embedding in existing ERP system — processes can be controlled automatically

These advantages are offered by the
workforce management software from Innosoft:

Ticket system

Order management with ticket system


Service planning for efficient dispatching


Customer connection thanks to Customer Portal


Plan and document service document with Innosoft Mobile

Business Information

Controlling thanks to useful Statistics


Use synergies thanks to simple integration into existing ERP system

Workforce management —
plan more intelligently and efficiently with Innosoft software

Agile planning and the ability to react quickly to current changes and processes — this is made possible by well-structured and planned work force management, which also includes staff schedulingOur professional Innosoft software helps you avoid confusing paperwork and make the service process as transparent as possible for all employees.

Manage orders, plan service calls, ensure efficient networking with field staff and benefit from helpful business information for the continuous optimisation of your service processes. The workforce management software supports you from customer enquiries to report generation and is perfectly tailored to the needs of plant and mechanical engineering.

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Why our software makes workforce management smarter and more efficient

The focus of workforce management is on efficient and cost-saving staff planning. Service assignments should be planned as efficiently as possible. This means that technicians must be selected according to qualifications, geographical position and subsequent customer orders, so that there are no unnecessary travel times or long idle periods between assignments.

For structured workforce management, however, it is not only the scheduling that has to be right, but also the order processing and the tracking and reporting of service orders.

Our holistic software supports you in all these service tasks. It covers all important areas — from order management to reporting and evaluating data for optimising processes. In this way, you can not only plan assignments at the customer’s site, but also ensure networking with technicians and evaluate all collected data and KPIs afterwards in order to derive optimisation potentials from them.

The Innosoft solution supports you in
these areas with your workforce management:

In the digital planning board, you plan the service calls taking into account various parameters and have all technicians in view.

Provide technicians with important information and enable them to document for easy reporting, including mobile time tracking.

In the ticket system, you guarantee efficient cooperation between departments — even faster thanks to standardised ticket workflows and automated e‑mail dispatch.

Thanks to collected data, statistics and business KPIs are available to you to take measures for process optimisation.

The intuitive 360° information access enables fast, intelligent and cross-departmental exchange.

Have we aroused your interest?

Would you also like to benefit from more transparency and efficiency in service, reduce costs for service calls and save time? Then test our workforce management software for smart workflows in mechanical and plant engineering now. We will be happy to present all the features and benefits of our field service management software in a live demo!

Deployment Planning

Efficient scheduling and dispatching of technicians is a real challenge for companies: To ensure that you can carry out your service assignments as cost-effectively and with the highest possible quality, our scheduling software will help you.

Mobile Time Recording

For companies, recording working times and documenting services is an important part of work organization. With Innosoft software, working times can be recorded and automatically documented with just a few clicks.

Resource planning

A well-organized and transparent resource planning allows to track all relevant steps of a project in great detail. Innosoft’s tool pursues the major goal of displaying all relevant resources as quickly and accurately as possible in order to complete the job as effectively as possible.