Mobile Time Recording

Mobile Time Recording

With the app for technicians

Mobile time tracking – with the app for service engineers

For companies, the recording of working hours and the documentation of services is an important part of work organisation. With the Innosoft software with integrated mobile time recording, working times of field staff can be recorded with just a few clicks and be documented automatically.

Make working time registration and the recording of order and project times especially easy with our mobile app especially for technicians in plant and mechanical engineering.

Get rid of confusing paper chaos and rely on a digital solution for a better overview and seamless documentation of working and project times.

Mobile Innosoft Field Service Management

The advantages of the mobile time recording app:

Time recording

Recording of working hours, project time recording, travel and route planning and much more in one app


very easy and intuitive operation


central overview and control of all working hours


Live overview of all service employees


seamless digital time recording — an end to paperwork

Time and location independent

time and location-independent use as mobile time recording or time clock

Simple and fast time logging ‒ mobile in the Innosoft app

With Innosoft Mobile, technicians can conveniently use mobile time recording on the go and record and document their working hours with just a few clicks. The practical start-stop function makes mobile time recording particularly easy.

When working on-site for customers the technicians can conveniently enter the project times via the app. This gives you a live overview of your employees’ service assignments at all times.

Thanks to Google Maps integration, travel and route planning is made a lot easier. GPS positioning facilitates the scheduling and documentation of service assignments.

Mobile Time Recording in the app ‒ Central overview of all data in the interface

You can view and manage the data from the technician app in the web interface. The digital planning board provides you with all the necessary information and helpful features for the efficient Personnel scheduling of your field staff.

In the web interface of the Innosoft software, you can plan service assignments and schedule technicians. Working hours and project times are clearly documented thanks to the mobile time recording in the app and the synchronisation with the web interface.

See where your staff are and plan service assignments based on various parameters such as skills, geographical location and customer requirements.

Your field staff receive all project information (also available offline), including dynamic checklists and digital project files, and can document their assignments, create reports quickly and easily via voice recognition and have them signed by the customer by means of the digital signature function.

In the mobile application the technicians receive all important information directly on their smartphone. Thanks to the interface to the web surface, all data can be managed centrally and you receive a live overview of all employees at any time.

Efficient field service management with Innosoft –
mobile and in the web application

The Innosoft software offers you these benefits:

Our integral software for an intelligent Field Service Management has been supporting companies in the plant and mechanical engineering sector for 28 years in order management, scheduling and resource planning, and ensures greater transparency in service.

Profit from fast and easy dispatching of technicians and save time and costs for more business efficiency and satisfied customers.

You have questions or would like to view an online presentation of our software including the mobile time recording function? Then contact us via the contact form or give us a call. We will be happy to present all features to you and discuss the possibilities for your company.

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