Sales Management

Consistent management of offers and orders

The sales management module also fits seamlessly into the Innosoft system environment. Continuity is guaranteed from the creation of a quotation to the conversion into an order to the invoicing in the Innosoft Invoice. Articles can be inserted directly from the Innosoft Material Management including descriptions, the prices are based on the individual price list managed in the price list tool and valid for the respective customer. In addition, the offer and order management scores points with the highly variable individual adaptability of the programme user interface. Standard modules for positions and texts simplify and speed up the creation of new offers, which can be converted into an order at the touch of a button after approval.

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Convenient offer and order creation

When creating offers, which can be converted into an order with one click after acceptance by the customer, you are supported by a variety of useful functions. For example, you can call up all previous offers and orders via the machine and customer history and integrate specific conditions for the respective customer (e.g. special price list or special discounts) into the new document. Other customer-specific agreements such as payment and delivery conditions or billing methods can also be easily stored in the programme.

Thanks to several levels, even complex offer structures can be mapped, and with the versioning function you always have an overview of changes and adjustments. Item and text modules simplify the creation of offers enormously; from the salutation to the cover letter to the descriptions of the item positions, frequently used elements can be saved for quick recall. The finished offers or order confirmations are output as a professionally designed PDF document at the touch of a button and prepared for dispatch by e-mail.

Full integration into the Innosoft system environment

Of course, the sales module can also be integrated into any other ERP environment, but the benefits of the programme are particularly effective as part of the Innosoft Service Management System. Thus, you can insert the articles including descriptions from the Innosoft Material Management and maintain the product prices in the price list editor. By linking to a sales ticket, reminder functions can be used, for example to follow up on an offer by phone.

After conversion and order release, assignments are generated directly in the connected Innosoft resource planning, whereby the volume of services is based on the order items. If the order is finally marked as completed, the invoicing takes place in the Innosoft Invoice, the fixed and variable components of the order are automatically merged. Depending on the feedback from the technician, different billing rates can be used for automatic billing according to time and effort.

Wide range of adaptation and expansion options

You can tailor the user interface to your individual needs with the help of the user-friendly GUI editor. For example, hide fields that are not required for your process or embed new, user-definable selection lists with data fields that are not available in the standard. Customer-specific parts lists can also be easily integrated and calculation routines and individual calculation design can be used. Versioning and access to previous offers and orders also offer numerous evaluation and comparative options.

Access rights are granted on a user-dependent basis, whereby you can set very specifically which user may or may not carry out which actions. Individual offer forms are made available to you in MS Word or as a report. Numerous useful features can be activated, for example, a warning if the production costs fall short of the specified limits. By connecting solutions from Innosoft partner companies, you can also use a offer configurator and an electronic spare parts catalogue in Sales Management.

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