Customer Management

The direct line to your customer

Innosoft Customer Management serves as an interface between a company and its customers. Incoming inquiries, orders or fault messages are received here, entered into the system and processed further. Depending on the type of process, the information is forwarded to the relevant departments, such as Service, Sales, Materials Management, or Construction, where a damage report can not only result in a repair order. Intelligent customer management also uses such claims, for example, as the basis for a sales discussion or a design improvement.
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Competent contact for customer calls

Via the call identification of the Innosoft Phone Center, the associated digital customer file including machine history can be opened immediately for incoming calls, and it is possible to map even complex systems consisting of several machines. The hotliner can see at a glance which customer he is dealing with and which products he has purchased so far. The agent immediately receives an overview of any open tickets as well as all previous customer or product events, and can therefore present himself as a well-informed conversation partner and forward the ticket to the responsible department after receiving and recording all relevant information.

Dynamic ticket workflows

Since integration into existing sales, design and service processes is an important prerequisite for successful complaints processing, the Customer Management is integrated into order processing and materials management. In addition, all documents relating to an order or a malfunction, such as reports, forms, performance records or quotations, are archived and assigned to the machines and processes. There are variable and preset workflows for these processes, each of which can be defined based on the ticket type. Status tracking is possible at any time in the step-by-step program. All complaints not resolved in the first call are forwarded to experts in the specialist departments. The already performed work steps (levels) and the current processing status for the initiated process can be viewed at any time.

CRM functionality and ticket system

In the Customer Management the information from all modules of the Innosoft Service Management System is merged and presented in a clear way. Additional transparency is created by the linking of a ticket with the relevant data objects. If a serial error is detected, a ticket can be generated automatically for all affected products. The structured evaluation of the coded faults (fault location, cause, solution) enables the creation of a knowledge database which can provide valuable information for sales, service and design departments. An external ticket system on the Web also allows the customer to create tickets directly in the system and call up the processing status at any time via the browser-based application. The ticket processors are informed about the resubmission of pending tickets and open points, with missed deadlines marked in red.
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