Maintenance Management

Convenient management of complex agreements

Your competence as a service provider is not only evident in the rapid elimination of acute malfunctions, but also in preventive care that ensures the smooth operation of your machines. The necessary maintenance and servicing tasks are as individual as your products. Whether preventive or condition-oriented – with Innosoft maintenance management, you can manage the cyclically recurring service assignments comfortably and reliably, even taking complex contract contents into account.

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Flexibility in contract structuring

Every machine has its specific characteristics and individual maintenance needs, which is why a standard six-monthly maintenance check is often not enough. With the contract management of the Innosoft maintenance module, you tailor the periodic maintenance measures in detail to the respective needs. Define the intervals fixed or dynamic, on request of the customer, depending on the last service assignment or after a fixed number of operating hours. Upcoming appointments can be conveniently scheduled in the resource planning, including planned hour specifications and definable spare parts packages per interval. Special customer preferences such as maintenance windows or preferred technicians are also taken into account.

Embedding in the system environment

Innosoft Maintenance Management can be integrated seamlessly into the existing ERP system; the interaction with other modules of the Innosoft Service Management System is particularly effective. After entering the contract agreements for one or more machines or plants once, the data for the on-time generation of maintenance operations with predefined capacities and materials are transferred to the resource planning. Through the connection to the Innosoft document management, you can store scanned original documents, construction drawings, work plans and the like for a maintenance contract and, if desired, send them to the mechanics together with the assignment information. Complex, specific billing modalities can also be defined in the contract. This ensures consistency from the conclusion of the contract to invoicing.

Response times and cost control

The response times for individual machines specified in the contracts can be defined in the programme as a dependency of weekdays and times of day; even complex time schemes can be mapped without any problems. Statistics on the response times actually achieved enhance the range of functions and make it easier for you to increase your customers’ satisfaction.

You are also supported in another important aspect of maintenance management, cost control, by an extensive range of predefined statistics in the Business Information module, refined via individual filter settings. The costs recorded in the service management system are available to you for evaluations such as the contribution margin calculation for a maintenance contract or detailed cost statements for the maintenance of individual machines.

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