Project Management

Solid project planning ensures success

Plan your projects in detail as a clear Gantt chart, define planned costs, milestones and reciprocal dependencies. Thanks to the direct integration with Innosoft Resource Planning, you always have control over the capacity requirements resulting from the project and can immediately identify which partial steps are carried out economically and where there may be a need for corrective measures.

The handling is similar to that of familiar project management systems from other providers, but compared to most competing products, Innosoft’s Project Management is significantly less overloaded, but pleasantly clear and focused on the essentials. After a rough definition of the course of the project, complex projects can be subdivided into clear sub-projects, which you can then plan in detail on several levels. In addition to the preliminary calculation, a simultaneous calculation is also of great importance, so that you always keep track of your project goals.

Projektmanagement Classic

Control of schedules, utilization and costs

Innosoft Project Management supports you with graphical scheduling and capacity control so that even complex orders can be completed on time. A well-founded project simulation helps you to recognize capacity deviations in the departments and at the workstations already in the quotation phase and to react to them promptly. The storage of standard modules such as project procedures, assemblies or products simplifies the planning and control of orders by your company, from design through production to assembly. If necessary, a transfer for further processing to MS Excel or MS Project is possible at any time.

Effective integration into the Innosoft Service Management System

During the implementation of the projects, the close integration with Innosoft Resource Planning is of great benefit. Here you determine the capacity requirements on the basis of the transferred project planning data, generate assignments according to the information defined in the project, and can take the available or overloaded workplaces identified on the basis of the actual hours and absences reported in Resource Planning into account for simultaneous calculation. Milestones and the dependencies defined between the subprocesses are also transferred to the Resource Planning and serve to maintain the time schedule.

Precise times for reliable project accounting

For a solid cost estimation a project time estimation is of enormous importance. However, the trend in many companies goes towards trusted working hours and often only approximate values are reported back as working hours spent on the project. In connection with the time feedback via Innosoft Mobile, you book exact times on the project, which is indispensable for a reliable and useful project accounting, because correct and concrete figures are needed for this. Post-calculation and final project evaluation thus also provide useful information for future projects.
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