What are the chal­len­ges and goals in work­for­ce management?

The main task in work­for­ce manage­ment is the sche­du­ling of staff on the basis of the given requi­re­ments, the qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on pro­files of the employees and the requi­red resour­ces. Ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans must be effi­ci­ent­ly sche­du­led to avoid idle time or unne­cessa­ry over­ti­me. This way, a ser­vice job can run as effi­ci­ent­ly as pos­si­ble. Good plan­ning is the most important pre­re­qui­si­te for this.


With well-plan­ned ser­vice assign­ments, you save time and thus cos­ts. Employees can work more pro­duc­tively, resour­ces are used sen­si­b­ly and the qua­li­ty of the ser­vice assign­ment incre­a­ses.

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Important tasks in work­for­ce management:

    • Find avail­ab­le field ser­vice staff
    • Select ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans by skills, geo­gra­phic loca­ti­on and availability
    • Sche­du­le ser­vice calls to mini­mi­se idle time or over­ti­me and make the best use of resources
    • Return and report on com­ple­ted cus­to­mer calls
    • Use syn­er­gies and review collec­ted data for opti­mi­sa­ti­on potential
    • Incre­a­se cus­to­mer satis­fac­tion through high-qua­li­ty service

The 5 best rea­sons for work­for­ce manage­ment with Inno­soft software

    1. Incre­a­sed pro­duc­ti­vi­ty and ser­vice qua­li­ty thanks to opti­mal plan­ning in the digi­tal plan­ning board
    2. grea­ter employee and cus­to­mer satis­fac­tion thanks to trans­pa­rent processes
    3. per­fect­ly sche­du­led ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans without idle time or overtime
    4. Use regard­less of loca­ti­on and time thanks to brow­ser-based system
    5. Easy embed­ding in exis­ting ERP sys­tem — pro­ces­ses can be con­trol­led automatically
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Work­for­ce manage­ment — plan more intel­li­gent­ly and effi­ci­ent­ly with Inno­soft software

Agi­le plan­ning and the abi­li­ty to react quick­ly to cur­rent chan­ges and pro­ces­ses — this is made pos­si­ble by well-struc­tu­red and plan­ned work for­ce manage­ment, which also inclu­des staff sche­du­ling. Our pro­fes­sio­nal Inno­soft soft­ware hel­ps you avoid con­fu­sing paper­work and make the ser­vice pro­cess as trans­pa­rent as pos­si­ble for all employees.

Mana­ge orders, plan ser­vice calls, ensu­re effi­ci­ent net­wor­king with field staff and bene­fit from hel­pful busi­ness infor­ma­ti­on for the con­ti­nuous opti­mi­sa­ti­on of your ser­vice pro­ces­ses. The work­for­ce manage­ment soft­ware sup­ports you from cus­to­mer enqui­ries to report genera­ti­on and is per­fect­ly tailo­red to the needs of plant and mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring.

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The­se advan­ta­ges are offe­red by the Work­for­ce Management
soft­ware from Innosoft:

Order manage­ment with ticket system
Ser­vice plan­ning for effi­ci­ent dispatching
Cus­to­mer con­nec­tion thanks to Cus­to­mer Portal
Plan and docu­ment service
docu­ment with Inno­soft Mobile
Con­trol­ling thanks to useful
Sta­tis­tics (Busi­ness Information)
Use syn­er­gies thanks to simple
inte­gra­ti­on into exis­ting ERP system

staff planning

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Loca­ti­on- and time
inde­pen­dent use


Embed­ding in
Exis­ting ERP system

Why our soft­ware makes work­for­ce manage­ment smar­ter and more efficient

The focus of work­for­ce manage­ment is on effi­ci­ent and cost-saving staff plan­ning. Ser­vice assign­ments should be plan­ned as effi­ci­ent­ly as pos­si­ble. This means that tech­ni­ci­ans must be selec­ted accord­ing to qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons, geo­gra­phi­cal posi­ti­on and sub­se­quent cus­to­mer orders, so that the­re are no unne­cessa­ry tra­vel times or long idle peri­ods bet­ween assignments.

For struc­tu­red work­for­ce manage­ment, howe­ver, it is not only the sche­du­ling that has to be right, but also the order pro­ces­sing and the tracking and repor­ting of ser­vice orders.

Our holistic soft­ware sup­ports you in all the­se ser­vice tasks. It covers all important are­as — from order manage­ment to repor­ting and eva­lua­ting data for opti­mi­sing pro­ces­ses. In this way, you can not only plan assign­ments at the customer’s site, but also ensu­re net­wor­king with tech­ni­ci­ans and eva­lua­te all collec­ted data and KPIs after­wards in order to deri­ve opti­mi­sa­ti­on poten­ti­als from them.

The Inno­soft solu­ti­on sup­ports you in the­se areas
with your work­for­ce management:
Dis­patchIn the digi­tal plan­ning board, you plan the ser­vice calls taking into account various para­me­ters and have all tech­ni­ci­ans in view.
Mobi­lePro­vi­de tech­ni­ci­ans with important infor­ma­ti­on and enab­le them to docu­ment for easy repor­ting, inclu­ding mobi­le time tracking.
TicketsIn the ticket sys­tem, you gua­ran­tee effi­ci­ent coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween depart­ments — even fas­ter thanks to stan­dar­di­sed ticket work­flows and auto­ma­ted e‑mail dispatch.
Busi­ness KPIsThanks to collec­ted data, sta­tis­tics and busi­ness KPIs are avail­ab­le to you to take mea­su­res for pro­cess optimisation.
Smart­Se­archThe intui­ti­ve 360° infor­ma­ti­on access enab­les fast, intel­li­gent and cross-depart­ment­al exchange.

Would you also like to bene­fit from more trans­pa­ren­cy and effi­ci­en­cy in ser­vice, redu­ce cos­ts for ser­vice calls and save time? Then test our work­for­ce manage­ment soft­ware for smart work­flows in mecha­ni­cal and plant engi­nee­ring now. We will be hap­py to pre­sent all the fea­tures and bene­fits of our field ser­vice manage­ment soft­ware in a live demo!

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