Mobi­le time recording

Mobi­le time tracking – with the app for ser­vice engineers

For com­pa­nies, the record­ing of working hours and the docu­men­ta­ti­on of ser­vices is an important part of work orga­ni­sa­ti­on. With the Inno­soft soft­ware with inte­gra­ted mobi­le time record­ing, working times of field staff can be recor­ded with just a few clicks and be docu­men­ted auto­ma­ti­cal­ly.

Make working time regis­tra­ti­on and the record­ing of order and pro­ject times espe­cial­ly easy with our mobi­le app espe­cial­ly for tech­ni­ci­ans in plant and mecha­ni­cal engineering.

Get rid of con­fu­sing paper cha­os and rely on a digi­tal solu­ti­on for a bet­ter over­view and seam­less docu­men­ta­ti­on of working and pro­ject times.

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The advan­ta­ges of the mobi­le time record­ing app:

Record­ing of working hours, pro­ject time record­ing, tra­vel and rou­te plan­ning and much more in one app
very easy and intui­ti­ve operation
cen­tral over­view and con­trol of all working hours
Live over­view of all ser­vice employees
seam­less digi­tal time record­ing — an end to paperwork
time and loca­ti­on-inde­pen­dent use as mobi­le time record­ing or time clock

Simp­le and fast time log­ging ‒ mobi­le in the Inno­soft app

Regis­tra­ti­on of working time

With Inno­soft Mobi­le, tech­ni­ci­ans can con­ve­ni­en­t­ly use mobi­le time record­ing on the go and record and docu­ment their working hours with just a few clicks. The prac­ti­cal start-stop func­tion makes mobi­le time record­ing par­ti­cu­lar­ly easy.

Job and pro­ject time recording

When working on-site for cus­to­mers the tech­ni­ci­ans can con­ve­ni­en­t­ly enter the pro­ject times via the app. This gives you a live over­view of your employees’ ser­vice assign­ments at all times.

GPS tracking and rou­te plan­ning with Goog­le Maps

Thanks to Goog­le Maps inte­gra­ti­on, tra­vel and rou­te plan­ning is made a lot easier. GPS posi­tio­ning faci­li­ta­tes the sche­du­ling and docu­men­ta­ti­on of ser­vice assignments.












Various ERPs

Mobi­le time record­ing in the app ‒ cen­tral over­view of all data in the web interface

You can view and mana­ge the data from the tech­ni­ci­an app in the web inter­face. The digi­tal plan­ning board pro­vi­des you with all the necessa­ry infor­ma­ti­on and hel­pful fea­tures for the effi­ci­ent Per­son­nel sche­du­ling of your field staff.

Live over­view in the digi­tal plan­ning board

In the web inter­face of the Inno­soft soft­ware, you can plan ser­vice assign­ments and sche­du­le tech­ni­ci­ans. Working hours and pro­ject times are clear­ly docu­men­ted thanks to the mobi­le time record­ing in the app and the syn­chro­ni­sa­ti­on with the web inter­face.

See whe­re your staff are and plan ser­vice assign­ments based on various para­me­ters such as skills, geo­gra­phi­cal loca­ti­on and cus­to­mer requirements.

Digi­tal docu­men­ta­ti­on and easy reporting

Your field staff recei­ve all pro­ject infor­ma­ti­on (also avail­ab­le off­line), inclu­ding dyna­mic check­lists and digi­tal pro­ject files, and can docu­ment their assign­ments, crea­te reports quick­ly and easi­ly via voice reco­gni­ti­on and have them signed by the cus­to­mer by means of the digi­tal signa­tu­re function.

Easy con­nec­tion with ser­vice technicians

In the mobi­le app­li­ca­ti­on the tech­ni­ci­ans recei­ve all important infor­ma­ti­on direct­ly on their smart­pho­ne. Thanks to the inter­face to the web sur­face, all data can be mana­ged cen­tral­ly and you recei­ve a live over­view of all employees at any time.

Effi­ci­ent field ser­vice manage­ment with Inno­soft – mobi­le and in the web application

The Inno­soft soft­ware offers you the­se benefits:

  • Order manage­ment with ticket system
  • Ser­vice plan­ning for effi­ci­ent dispatching
  • Cus­to­mer con­nec­tion via the Cus­to­mer Portal
  • Plan and docu­ment ser­vice assign­ments with Inno­soft Mobile
  • Con­trol­ling thanks to use­ful busi­ness information
  • Bene­fit from syn­er­gies thanks to inte­gra­ti­on into exis­ting ERP system

Our inte­gral soft­ware for an intel­li­gent Field Ser­vice Manage­ment has been sup­por­ting com­pa­nies in the plant and mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring sec­tor for 25 years in order manage­ment, sche­du­ling and resour­ce plan­ning, and ensu­res grea­ter trans­pa­ren­cy in service.

Pro­fit from fast and easy dis­patching of tech­ni­ci­ans and save time and cos­ts for more busi­ness effi­ci­en­cy and satis­fied cus­to­mers.

You have ques­ti­ons or would like to view an online pre­sen­ta­ti­on of our soft­ware inclu­ding the mobi­le time record­ing func­tion? Then con­ta­ct us via the con­ta­ct form or give us a call. We will be hap­py to pre­sent all fea­tures to you and dis­cuss the pos­si­bi­li­ties for your company.


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