Here you can read inte­res­ting facts and news about Inno­soft GmbH, best prac­ti­ce user reports and fur­ther fea­tures in press and other media. You will also find infor­ma­ti­on about com­pa­ny events like the annu­al User Day as well as tra­de fairs and indus­try mee­tings whe­re Inno­soft will be pre­sent and plea­sed to meet you.

Dyna­mic repor­ting on the Web20201020090038

Dyna­mic repor­ting on the Web

Pati­ence and per­se­ver­an­ce are hel­pful qua­li­ties when intro­du­cing a ser­vice manage­ment sys­tem. Howe­ver, to make good ser­vice even bet­ter, it is often worth going the long way. 
Good ser­vice with con­fi­dence and con­vic­tion20191009090038

Good ser­vice with con­fi­dence and conviction

When intro­du­cing a ser­vice manage­ment sys­tem, pati­ence and per­sis­tence are requi­red. To make good ser­vice even bet­ter, it is often worth going the long distance ins­tead of the easiest way. 
Dis­po­si­ti­on 2.0 – Opti­mi­zed plan­ning sup­port20191008090022

Dis­po­si­ti­on 2.0 – Opti­mi­zed plan­ning support

The new dis­po­si­ti­on cock­pit of Inno­soft sup­ports the ser­vice plan­ner in the crea­ti­on of opti­mal rou­tes for the ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans, wher­eby the prio­ri­ties to be con­si­de­red can be adjus­ted individually. 
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