Module 1

Module 1

Graphical / Geographical Planning

Innosoft Resource Planning is a comprehensive tool for the planning and supervision of projects, assignments, and resources. The system provides a clear graphical representation of the personnel and machine planning and – combined with the module GeoMap – also allows the ideal planning of routes.

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Module 3

Module 3

Mobile Field Service

The Innosoft Mobile Field Service is the optimal support for field representatives at work. By means of the direct feedback of the assignment data (times, spare parts, travel expenses, assembly reports etc.) right after completion of the services on site the service assignments can promptly be processed further  and approved for invoicing in the head office.

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Module 4

Module 4

Project Management

When it comes to the planning and implementation of complex projects in the sector of machinery and plant engineering, Innosoft Project Management is the ideal tool for the graphical scheduling and capacity control, from the construction to the manufacture and the assembly. In addition, the always up-to-date overview of the order workflow and the capacity requirements in each area facilitates the creation of the annual business plan.

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Module 2

Module 2

Customer Relationship Management / Helpdesk

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management functions as a perfect interface between company and customer. With the complete customer and machine history all relevant data are available at any time and can be prepared for sophisticated analysis and marketing purposes quickly and easily.

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The Smartphone Solution for the Innosoft Mobile Field Service is an interactive working hours registration for tablets and smartphones. The service technician can navigate easily through the application with help of the touchscreen. The times are recorded by stamping as with a time stamp clock. After work is done the technician fills in a predefined report, the input is supported by answer catalogues. The report can get signed by the customer and is sent to the customer by fax or e-mail via the head office. This way the customer receives an overview of the performed works.

The synchronisation with the head office is triggered by the technician at the touch of a button. During a synchronisation new orders are retrieved from the head office and the feedback reoports are returned. This way also software updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

The smartphone solution is characterized by the immediate readiness for use of the smartphone and the easy operation with help of the touchscreen. Since the time stamp procedure forces the technician to directly write his feedback reports, the data are available in the head office for further processing very quickly.

Process and cost advantages:

  • Acceleration of the processes - direct allocation of the assignments from the Resource Planning to the technician and direct feedback to the head office
  • Acceleration of the processes - no more manual typing of the forms
  • Improved information situation - planning managers know the current completion status
  • Improved information situation - technicians can receive and send current information always and everywhere
  • Improved information situation - central data regarding the availability of employees
  • Improvement of the data quality - secured and traceable data transmission
  • Improvement of the data quality - plausibility checks and input support by pre-defined answer catalogues
  • Improvement of the data quality - avoidance of repeated registrations of paper reports by service technicians and planning managers
  • Cost advantages - shortening of the purchase order processing time
  • Cost advantages - faster invoicing
  • Cost advantages - less expenditure for the administrative processing
  • Cost advantages - reduction of paper and printing costs