Field Ser­vice Management

Goals and chal­len­ges in field ser­vice management

Field Ser­vice Manage­ment is pri­ma­ri­ly about effi­ci­ent deploy­ment plan­ning of per­son­nel and other resour­ces. The ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans should car­ry out their assign­ments at the customer’s site reli­ab­ly, con­fi­dent­ly, and to a high stan­dard of qua­li­ty. For this, ever­ything must be plan­ned and docu­men­ted exact­ly from the cus­to­mer request to the ser­vice deploy­ment of the tech­ni­ci­an.

The ulti­ma­te goal: few dis­patchers can coor­di­na­te many ser­vice technicians.

Suc­cess­ful plan­ning of ope­ra­ti­ons inclu­des not only cost-saving plan­ning and sche­du­lingof field staff, but also, for examp­le, the cus­to­mer manage­ment, the pro­vi­si­on of infor­ma­ti­on for and by the tech­ni­ci­an, the repor­ting and bil­ling of orders. 

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Important goals and chal­len­ges in field ser­vice management:

  • Incre­a­se relia­bi­li­ty, qua­li­ty and effi­ci­en­cy of ser­vice calls
  • Impro­ve the qua­li­ty of employee performance
  • Quick­ly and com­ple­te­ly docu­ment ser­vice calls
  • Pro­cess and respond to cus­to­mer inqui­ries quickly
  • Make main­ten­an­ce and inci­dents predictable
  • Make ser­vice trans­pa­rent to all employees
  • Impro­ve cus­to­mer ser­vice and satisfaction
  • Collect and ana­ly­ze data to opti­mi­ze processes

Inno­soft offers FSM soft­ware for more
effi­ci­en­cy and trans­pa­ren­cy in service

You want to opti­mi­ze your company’s ser­vice pro­ces­ses and make them more effi­ci­ent and as cost-saving as pos­si­ble, so that your dis­patchers can coor­di­na­te their ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans opti­mal­ly? Then get pro­fes­sio­nal sup­port with Innosoft’s modern soft­ware for opti­mi­zed pro­ces­ses in Field Ser­vice Manage­ment (FSM).

Mana­ge your company’s ser­vice pro­ces­ses with the inno­va­ti­ve digi­tal plan­ning board and work in modern web interfaces

that sup­port you from cus­to­mer inqui­ries to the plan­ning of your field ser­vice employees and their assign­ments to the post-pro­ces­sing of the com­ple­ted assignments.

Impro­ve busi­ness effi­ci­en­cy with more trans­pa­ren­cy in ser­vice and bene­fit from fas­ter respon­se times and opti­mi­zed ser­vice calls with our field ser­vice manage­ment software.

This is what our FSM soft­ware offers you:

  • Dis­patch: Plan­ning and sche­du­ling in real time thanks to intui­ti­ve digi­tal plan­ning board for effi­ci­ent ser­vice operations.
  • Mobi­le app­li­ca­ti­on: Tech­ni­ci­ans recei­ve all important data for the assign­ment and fill out their reports (inclu­ding time recording) .
  • Com­ple­te ser­vice histo­ry for trans­pa­rent tracea­bi­li­ty of cus­to­mer orders, ser­vice calls, and machi­ne histories.
  • Loca­ti­on-inde­pen­dent access thanks to web-based system.
  • Ticket sys­tem for bet­ter and fas­ter, becau­se more direct coope­ra­ti­on with the cus­to­mer, at any time clear­ly traceable.
  • Cus­to­mer Por­tal: So that your cus­to­mer can pro­vi­de fas­ter and more effec­ti­ve ser­vice to their customers.
  • Busi­ness Infor­ma­ti­on: KPIs and sta­tis­tics to review and opti­mi­ze ser­vice quality.
  • Smart­Se­arch: AI-based, intui­ti­ve infor­ma­ti­on access for your tech­ni­ci­ans at the machi­ne on site.
  • Hass­le-free inte­gra­ti­on into your exis­ting IT sys­tem landscape.
  • Opti­mal for machi­ne and plant engi­nee­ring: Thanks to more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the indus­try, the Inno­soft solu­ti­ons are per­fect­ly tailo­red to their needs and goals.

The Inno­soft Field Ser­vice soft­ware for intel­li­gent workflows

All the­se field ser­vice manage­ment tasks are time-con­suming and requi­re struc­tu­red plan­ning and imple­men­ta­ti­on. This is whe­re Innosoft’s Field Ser­vice Manage­ment soft­ware comes in, sup­por­ting you in deploy­ment plan­ning, mana­ging, pro­ces­sing and tracking ser­vice and main­ten­an­ce deploy­ments thanks to an intui­ti­ve web inter­face.

The­se fea­tures and bene­fits await you with Innosoft:

    • Effi­ci­ent order processing
    • trans­pa­rent ser­vice pro­ces­ses with cus­to­mer connectivity
    • Paper­less ser­vice inclu­ding elec­tro­nic signa­tu­re function
    • Loca­ti­on and time-inde­pen­dent access thanks to brow­ser-based work
    • off­line-enab­led mobi­le app­li­ca­ti­on for ser­vice technicians
    • Digi­tal cus­to­mer and machi­ne file
    • stan­dar­di­zed ser­vice work­flows and easy ERP integration
    • Eva­lua­ti­on of ser­vice qua­li­ty thanks to KPIs and statistics


What makes our FSM soft­ware special

The soft­ware has grown with Inno­soft and so you bene­fit from our more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence in FSM for mecha­ni­cal and plant engi­nee­ring. Our soft­ware is trus­ted by more than 300 cus­to­mers worldwide.

Use the ran­ge of dif­fe­rent tools and modu­les for tar­ge­ted opti­miz­a­ti­on and effi­ci­en­cyin ser­vice pro­ces­ses and resour­ces. Tog­e­ther with our soft­ware, ensu­re orga­ni­zed and opti­mi­zed field ser­vice manage­ment, bet­ter employee com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and satis­fied customers!


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