All parts at a click – with inte­gra­ted catalogue

All parts at a click – inte­gra­ted cata­lo­gue brings added value

The TID Infor­ma­tik GmbH from Inning am Ammer­see and the Dort­mund soft­ware house Inno­soft GmbH have been working tog­e­ther for many years in the “Ser­vice Excel­lence” initia­ti­ve. The result of the cur­rent joint pro­ject, a stan­dard inter­face bet­ween the CATA­LOG­creator® of TID and the Mobi­le Field Ser­vice of Inno­soft, is cur­r­ent­ly being used with gre­at suc­cess at Mos­ca GmbH from Waldbrunn.

The pack­a­ging spe­cia­list Mos­ca GmbH, world mar­ket lea­der in sub-are­as of strap­ping tech­no­lo­gy, is glo­bal­ly posi­tio­ned with 18 bran­ches and has pro­du­ced a total of 2,844 machi­nes in 2018. As for all machi­ne manu­fac­tu­rers, ser­vice is extre­me­ly important at Mos­ca. More than 180 ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans and 20 repre­sen­ta­ti­ves with about 1,000 employees world­wi­de speak a clear lan­guage. In Ger­ma­ny, 44 employees work in Mosca’s tech­ni­cal ser­vice, which is coor­di­na­ted cen­tral­ly from the head­quar­ters in Wald­brunn. In addi­ti­on to 38 tech­ni­ci­ans, 13 peop­le work in the office, inclu­ding three dispatchers.
In order to make the pro­ces­ses in the Ger­ma­ny-wide ser­vice net­work as trans­pa­rent and effi­ci­ent as pos­si­ble, tho­se respon­si­ble at the manu­fac­tu­rer of semi-auto­ma­tic and ful­ly auto­ma­tic high-speed strap­ping machi­nes and pal­let packing pres­ses have reli­ed on Inno­soft soft­ware solu­ti­ons for about 20 years. Not only the digi­tal ser­vice report and the ticket sys­tem are fixed com­pon­ents in the dai­ly busi­ness of Mosca’s after-sales ser­vice. The soft­ware is also an important cor­ner­stone in the “ONE Ser­vice” con­cept, which has been imple­men­ted for two years now and which gua­ran­tees a uni­form ser­vice qua­li­ty for Mos­ca cus­to­mers world­wi­de, for examp­le in pre­ven­ti­ve main­ten­an­ce, which ensu­res the maxi­mum per­for­mance of the machines.

Under­stan­ding the requi­re­ments in service

Gre­gor Kar­mow­ski, head of the CIP pro­ject depart­ment at Mos­ca, has been respon­si­ble for the con­ti­nuous deve­lo­p­ment and gra­du­al roll­out of the modu­lar Ser­vice Manage­ment Sys­tem sin­ce he joi­ned the com­pa­ny in 2008 as head of stra­te­gic sales deve­lo­p­ment and con­trol­ling. He is con­vin­ced of the software’s qua­li­ties becau­se “in many pla­ces you can [feel] the know-how and under­stan­ding of the ser­vice requi­re­ments that the deve­lo­pers have incor­po­ra­ted into the solutions”.
It was Gre­gor Kar­mow­ski who deve­lo­ped the idea at the anni­ver­s­a­ry cDAY of TID Infor­ma­tik in Munich’s Alli­anz Are­na in 2017, which has now been so suc­cess­ful­ly put into prac­ti­ce. The pre­sen­ta­ti­on about the Ser­vice Excel­lence initia­ti­ve did not only arou­se his inte­rest to use TID’s CATA­LOG­creator®, a brow­ser-based stan­dard soft­ware for elec­tro­nic spa­re parts cata­lo­gues and ser­vice infor­ma­ti­on sys­tems, at Mos­ca, but also to inte­gra­te it via a new stan­dard inter­face into the Inno­soft soft­ware used by the technicians.

After cli­cking on the but­ton the assi­gned spa­re parts cata­lo­gue of the machi­ne is displayed

Foun­ded in 1966, the com­pa­ny has its own elec­tro­nic spa­re parts cata­lo­gue for each machi­ne, from which the ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans iden­ti­fied the rele­vant parts befo­re the pro­ject. Howe­ver, due to many simi­lar, but not iden­ti­cal parts, the search was often extre­me­ly com­plex. In order to be able to use the inno­va­ti­ve spa­re parts cata­lo­gue solu­ti­on from TID with all its prac­ti­cal fea­tures, the old cata­lo­gues, inclu­ding the asso­cia­ted docu­ments, first had to be migra­ted, which invol­ved con­si­derable effort for over 70,000 machi­nes and the­re­fo­re also cata­lo­gues. But it was worth the effort. With the data trans­fer­red from the old sys­tem, new cata­lo­gues can now be crea­ted ful­ly auto­ma­ti­cal­ly with the TID software.

Inte­gra­ti­on brings added value for service

The idea to inte­gra­te the CATA­LOG­creator® per­ma­nent­ly into the Inno­soft sys­tem via an inter­face came from Kar­mow­ski, becau­se “this way a deep inte­gra­ti­on of the elec­tro­nic cata­lo­gue into the Inno­soft soft­ware sys­tem is crea­ted, which is of gre­at bene­fit for us”. At the kick-off mee­ting with the pro­ject mana­gers from Mos­ca, TID and Inno­soft, it was quick­ly clear that it should not be an indi­vi­du­al but a stan­dard solu­ti­on to ensu­re future updatea­bi­li­ty and con­sis­tent and secu­re data main­ten­an­ce. “By inte­gra­ting the inter­face into the stan­dard of our soft­ware, we can offer this inte­gra­ti­on to all cus­to­mers facing simi­lar chal­len­ges”, enthu­ses TID Mana­ging Direc­tor Robert Schä­fer. “We know from expe­ri­ence that this inter­face is of gre­at inte­rest to most of our customers”.
The com­bi­ned solu­ti­on has now been in live ope­ra­ti­on for a year, and the respon­se from users has been con­sist­ent­ly posi­ti­ve. Cum­ber­so­me sear­ches for the right parts are a thing of the past; ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans can now jump direct­ly to the appro­pria­te parts cata­lo­gue during pro­ces­sing in the digi­tal ser­vice reports at the touch of a but­ton, i.e. from a machi­ne data record they can call up the spa­re parts for the respec­ti­ve machi­ne with the cor­re­spon­ding pic­tures, drawings and other hel­pful infor­ma­ti­on by cli­cking on the but­ton, and also dis­play bills of mate­ri­als and other parts.

A total of four but­tons are now avail­ab­le. In the mate­ri­al sec­tion, the cor­re­spon­ding coun­ter­part for each arti­cle can be cal­led up and any requi­red spa­re part can be boo­ked direct­ly for repeat orders. The tech­ni­ci­an can easi­ly com­pi­le a shop­ping bas­ket in the cata­lo­gue and trans­fer it to the ser­vice report with a mou­se click. The new­ly added fourth but­ton sup­ports the tech­ni­ci­an in pre­pa­ring a quo­ta­ti­on. This but­ton can be used, for examp­le, to easi­ly add the items to be repla­ced to the quo­ta­ti­on in the case of a main­ten­an­ce offer.
The gre­at accep­t­ance on the part of the tech­ni­ci­ans, who have been bene­fi­t­ing from the advan­ta­ges of being able to jump direct­ly from the ser­vice report to the parts cata­lo­gue inclu­ding infor­ma­ti­on sys­tem and back again with a simp­le click of the mou­se, has con­vin­ced tho­se respon­si­ble at Mos­ca GmbH. For this rea­son, the roll­out in the sub­si­dia­ries abroad is also plan­ned for the near future. Mos­ca is stron­gly repre­sen­ted in Euro­pe, Ame­ri­ca and Asia. In addi­ti­on to the loca­ti­ons in Aus­tra­lia, Fran­ce, Poland and Spain, the Ser­vice Manage­ment Sys­tem of Inno­soft is also used in Malay­sia, Sin­g­a­po­re, Thai­land, Indo­ne­sia, Chi­na and Japan, among others.