Inno­soft has been awar­ded the Stifterverband’s rese­arch seal of appro­val “Inno­va­ti­ve through research”

About Us

Inno­soft GmbH was foun­ded in April 1996 by the cur­rent mana­ging direc­tors Wal­ter Siepe,
Rai­ner Goos and Peter Ebbrecht, who two years ear­lier had been working tog­e­ther at a Ham­burg-based mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring com­pa­ny, whe­re they were sear­ching for an IT solu­ti­on to opti­mi­ze pro­ces­ses in ser­vice and pro­duc­tion. Des­pi­te all the pro­gress in infor­ma­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy, the­re liter­al­ly was no soft­ware sup­port in the sec­tors of ser­vice, on-site instal­la­ti­on and final assem­bly, a sui­ta­ble ser­vice manage­ment sys­tem was sim­ply not avail­ab­le for the mecha­ni­cal engi­nee­ring indus­try at that time. So the decisi­on was made to deve­lop such a pro­gram on their own, which was then imple­men­ted in cope­ra­ti­on with the VDMA. The result was the Resour­ce Plan­ning, an IT solu­ti­on tailo­red to the needs of the machi­ne buil­ders, which tur­ned out to be a ground­brea­king success.

The Resour­ce Plan­ning fil­led a gap in the mar­ket, as many other com­pa­nies faced simi­lar chal­len­ges, and so the three gra­dua­te engi­neers deci­ded to dare the leap into self-employ­ment and com­bi­ne the deca­des of expe­ri­ence Wal­ter Sie­pe had gai­ned as a mana­ger at various machi­ne and plant manu­fac­tu­rers with the com­pu­ter deve­lo­p­ment talent of the two young col­leagues Goos and Ebbrecht. On the basis of this know-how, the con­cep­ti­on for a spe­cia­li­zed soft­ware was crea­ted, which sim­ply did not exist in this form yet. At that time, pro­jects were main­ly con­trol­led by hand­writ­ten notes, a plan­ning board on the wall and spreads­heet sys­tems such as Excel. 

After a tho­rough plan­ning and deve­lo­p­ment pha­se, Inno­soft GmbH was foun­ded in the spring of 1996. The Minis­try of Eco­no­mics, which was con­vin­ced of its con­cept, gran­ted a three-year sub­s­idy. The small team, which initi­al­ly con­sis­ted of four peop­le, recrui­ted more staff through the Uni­ver­si­ty of Dort­mund. In the first few years, the top floor of a pri­va­te house ser­ved as busi­ness and office space. It didn’t take long befo­re the next modu­les of today’s Ser­vice Manage­ment Sys­tem, the core ele­ment of which is still Resour­ce Plan­ning, were deve­lo­ped to mar­ket matu­ri­ty in the form of Cus­to­mer Manage­ment and Pro­ject Management. 

As the num­ber of cus­to­mers incre­a­sed, so did the num­ber of employees, so that in autumn 2000 it beca­me necessa­ry to move to a lar­ge office buil­ding in Dort­mund. Inno­soft soon occu­p­ied all ele­ven rooms on the top floor, but here, too, the space was soon insuf­fi­ci­ent due to the gre­at suc­cess and the asso­cia­ted incre­a­se in staff, which led to the next move in 2009. This time, the decisi­on was taken to move to a spa­cious office buil­ding in Dortmund’s Tech­no­lo­gy Park, not least becau­se of its direct pro­xi­mi­ty to the Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Dort­mund. Today Innosoft’s employees occu­py the majo­ri­ty of the offices on the two upper floo­rs. Inno­soft GmbH has a total of 59 per­ma­nent employees at its Dort­mund loca­ti­on, as well as addi­tio­nal employees in sou­thern Ger­ma­ny, the Nether­lands and France.

In all the years of its exis­tence, Inno­soft GmbH has always reli­ed 100% on its equi­ty capi­tal and has been in the black every year. To this day, the com­pa­ny has remai­ned true to the ori­gi­nal idea of being able to rai­se the best employees them­sel­ves. In 2019, Inno­soft still sees its­elf as an appren­ti­cing com­pa­ny that likes to give young talents from the sur­roun­ding area a chan­ce at fair con­di­ti­ons. Many of the employees who are firm­ly roo­ted in the com­pa­ny today star­ted their care­ers here as stu­dents or trai­nees, which is also a rea­son for the clo­se ties to the com­pa­ny and the col­le­gi­al working relationship. 

The Inno­soft Ser­vice Manage­ment Sys­tem is now in use all over the world, with a sup­port depart­ment and a ticket sys­tem avail­ab­le to more than 300 cus­to­mers for their ques­ti­ons and pro­blems. For some years now, the focus of deve­lo­p­ment has been on web-based solu­ti­ons such as gra­phic and geo­gra­phi­cal resour­ce plan­ning, cus­to­mer manage­ment and cus­to­mer ticket sys­tem with cock­pit, dash­board and cus­to­mer por­tal or com­pact field ser­vice manage­ment apps, with which ser­vice tech­ni­ci­ans can pro­cess times, mate­ri­al and expen­ses via smart­pho­ne and con­ve­ni­en­t­ly report back offline. 


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