25th anni­ver­s­a­ry

25 years of soft­ware for ser­vice with Innosoft

25 years anniversary

Simi­lar to the clas­sic IT start-ups in Cali­for­nia, Innosoft’s sto­ry also began on a small fla­me. But here it was not a gara­ge, but a floor in a pri­va­te resi­dence in Dort­mund-Hom­bruch that beca­me the nucleus of a suc­cess story.

plan­ning board for ser­vice in mecha­ni­cal and plant engi­nee­ring. Today, the pro­gram­me is still one of the pre­mi­um pro­ducts in the port­fo­lio of the Dort­mund soft­ware house Inno­soft GmbH. The focus of the pro­ducts then as now is on sup­por­ting effi­ci­ent busi­ness pro­ces­ses in ser­vice and field assem­bly. It has been pro­ven that many com­pa­nies have been able to sus­tainab­ly impro­ve their busi­ness suc­cess with Inno­soft pro­ducts. Innosoft’s ser­vice solu­ti­ons, avail­ab­le in eight lan­guages, are now used with gre­at suc­cess by over 300 cus­to­mers worldwide.
Twen­ty-five years and two moves later, the com­pa­ny occu­p­ies two floo­rs of an office buil­ding in Dortmund’s Tech­no­lo­gy Park with more than fif­teen times as many employees. And the pro­duct ran­ge is also much broa­der today with the com­ple­te Field Ser­vice Manage­ment Sys­tem inclu­ding nume­rous modu­les and func­tions. For examp­le, the new Smart­Se­arch modu­le enab­les an intel­li­gent pro­vi­si­on of infor­ma­ti­on for tech­ni­cal ser­vice cases with which exter­nal data and docu­ment sources can be used in addi­ti­on to exis­ting data and docu­ments wit­hin the INNOSOFT sys­tem. The­se infor­ma­ti­on sources are very often rele­vant for the tech­ni­cal ser­vice to sol­ve ser­vice pro­blems on site, such as tech­ni­cal docu­men­ta­ti­on, spa­re parts cata­lo­gues, etc. and can be used in both the app and the lap­top version.
Over the years, Inno­soft pro­ducts have not only been func­tio­n­al­ly expan­ded, but also con­ti­nuous­ly adap­ted to IT tech­no­lo­gi­cal deve­lo­p­ments. In recent years, the­re has been a tran­si­ti­on from Win­dows-based sys­tems to web-based sys­tems, as well as tablets and smartphones.
To con­ti­nue to be fit for the future, the manage­ment team has been expan­ded to inclu­de youn­ger col­leagues. This ensu­res that the com­pa­ny will con­ti­nue to be well mana­ged in the future and remain a reli­able part­ner for its cus­to­mers and employees. The employees, who have gene­ral­ly com­ple­ted a degree or dual trai­ning, have remai­ned loy­al to the com­pa­ny for a very long time and thus gua­ran­tee the company’s qua­li­ty standards.

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